Where did my Waves go?!?!

Google Wave just vanished! Ok, I know Google has warned us that it is still unstable but where are all my Waves??!?! I have used it for complex project management and I need it to read some notes, but this is not possible at the moment! Is this happening to you too?

I suddenly feel very dependant on Google and the Wave… I wonder how good this is for me and all Googlers in general?
Anyway, let’s hope this is resolved soon!


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2 Responses to Where did my Waves go?!?!
  1. oriste Reply

    As I tweeted, this happened to me too right after you cross-tweeted from the Wave. I would NEVER use this tool for anything critical to my business, not at this stage anyway (and maybe not for a long time). Google has pulled the plug on “experiments” before, leaving its users hang high an dry.

  2. Spyros Papaspyropoulos Reply

    You have a point there @oriste. But I have a feeling this will not be pulled. The buzz created around this project is so big! Anyway, having to manage a team that is located all over Europe with email is a pain and now that the Wave is here, well let’s say things are moving smoother than ever. I am hooked :)

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