Is Google snooping around my stuff?

This is my story about how Google Buzz posted something on my wall that was aggregated from an old YouTube post of mine, without letting me know before. I will present the facts and keep it as short as possible.

YouTube video on January 31, 2010, 06:22 AM

I added a video to my YouTube channel called “spyridonas live at 06:17am PST on 01/31/2010“. This is just a simple video of me driving in Rethymno, it is nothing special.

Joined Google Buzz on February 10, 2010

I joined Google Buzz like most of my friends did, mostly out of curiosity. Here is my 1st post ( I played around with it for a couple of days, I added my YouTube channel to the list of connected sites and that was that.

Google Buzz posts my January video on my Buzz time line on February 12, 2010

Without asking me, Google Buzz, picked my last YouTube video, the one I mentioned before, the video that was posted on YouTube on the 31/01/2010 and posted it on my Buzz time line!!!
You can see the conversation about this Buzz here

So, my questions to Google are:

  1. Why did you do this without asking? 
  2. Why did you post a video on my Buzz time line that was there 2 weeks before Buzz had even started working?
  3. Are you going to dig up older posts of mine from my connected sites and start posting them to my Buzz time line in the future?
  4. Shall I disconnect all my sites, in case you start posting things without my approval?

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