Wuala vs SugarSync vs DropBox on a Mac

I have been using the FREE versions of Wuala, SugarSync and DropBox for quite a while, going from one service to the other, not being able to decide which one is best for my needs. About a week ago, I reached the conclusion that the free versions of these online (cloud) storage solutions for backup, synchronization and file sharing were not enough for me any more. I needed more disk space. So, I had to make a choice. The choice would be, 
 which online storage service should I invest in?
I compared the following features in order to reach a conclusion. Security, Cost of service, Quality of service, Ease of Use, Speed, Features, Desktop app, iOS app and 3rd party integrations. I am sure that there are many more things that can be compared, but these are the features that interested me and helped me make my decision. By researching you can definitely find more reviews like mine, some of which might be more to your liking. This is a personal review. Read More…

Wuala vs Dropbox (Pricing)

I just recently subscribed with the Wuala service. The Wuala service is a dropbox clone that in my opinion is better and has much, much better prices and a very cool Storage Trading feature! Also, Wuala is a LACIE project and I like Lacie, they make good hardware and very good hard drives!

Dropbox Price Plans


Wuala Price Plans


Of course if you use the Storage Trading option in the Wuala service you can have as much Cloud space as you wish for FREE!!! So all the above prices are not relevant!

If you want to join, just click here.

All the Wuala links I have in my post link to my invitation page, so if you join via me, you get more free space to start and I also get some bonus space also. So if you choose to join from this page then thanks :)

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