La Genzianella website is now on air!

My company, x2interactive Hotel Web Agency, was commissioned by the Hotel La Genzianella in Bormio, Italy to design for them a cutting edge, fresh, responsive website that would work flawlessly on any device and at the same time it would look good! The previous “La Genzianella” website was really old fashion, old tech and didn’t do justice to the amazing hotel that the La Genzianella is. A wonderful, welcoming place in the midst of the mountains. You can enjoy amazing views, fantastic activities and have an awesome vacation there. All those things were not something the user could feel previously. Our job was to help users understand what the “La Genzianella” is all about and to do so using an intuitive and easy to use layout. Read More… Put the Internet to Work FOR YOU! The best idea to hit the web in years!

I think this is the best idea that has hit the web in years!

The website, lets you create tasks around all your Social and not so social life using the Internet as a reminder! Imagine every time you check into a certain FourSquare venue, you automatically send an SMS to your best mates to meet you there! Is that just FANTASTIC or what?

I am not even brushing the tip of the iceberg here. Visit to find out more. COOL LINK Ha ha ha LOL!

I am sure you will ALL LOVE IT! Well done to the ifttt creators! WELL DONE!


The concept behind the 100 days x2interactive project


Dear friends,

Earlier today I tweeted that my company released a pre launch website. The pre launch website is to mark the day that our new official website will be launched. Some of you might think

“ok, so what’s the point of this website, why not launch the official website at once”?

I understand why someone would ask that. I also understand why someone would even care that we are going to launch our proper version of the site in 100 days. Well, to tell you all the truth, this website is for us at x2interactive. Yeap. It is for us! It is to motivate us into making our new website. Read More…

Check out the new website we designed. The Emmetropia Mediterranean Eye Clinic

This is the re-designed website of Emmetropia. Emmetropia is one of the leading Eye Clinics in Europe, directed by acclaimed Dr. Yiannis M. Aslanides. They have been our client for 5 years and this is the second website we have designed for them. If you head to the “Procedures” section, you can view rich media samples of how they (procedures) are performed.

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