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How do you convince the average web user to switch to a non-IE browser?

The following post is word for word from the Webdesigner Depot blog post.

As web designers and developers, we love to see how our sites and web apps look and function using a really good browser.

It’s true that with the release of IE9, Microsoft has made great progress in the so-called browser wars. And although IE9 is a fast and reliable browser that has pretty good support for CSS3 and HTML5, there are still quite a few missing technologies that we all would like to see in Internet Explorer soon.

But the reality is, that while we as developers know that the user experience is greatly improved when a site is used in Chrome, Opera, Safari, or even Firefox. Our users are not aware of this and it’s sad to say that it will still be a very long time before we, as developers, can say that we’re happy with the state of browser usage stats for our client projects.

Personally, I always do what I can to promote the good browsers. If I see someone using an older version of Internet Explorer, I will gladly tell them to upgrade to the latest version of IE or try out something like Google Chrome instead.

I had this experience recently when I went to my friend Alex’s home for dinner. He was showing me some stuff on his computer on IE8, and I tactfully asked him if he’d ever tried Google Chrome. From there, things got interesting, and I decided to take some notes and share the experience. Read More…

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