What a waste of valuable time!

As you most probably know, I partially own x2interactive – Web Agency. So naturally ownership comes with strings attached, e.g. doing lots of things that aren’t what I wanted to do in my life, such as managing staff, looking into finances, selling, supporting, and more. While doing all those things on a daily basis, I remind my self that I love to design websites, so I do that too, as much as possible!

By reading the above, you can understand that I am a person with a limited amount of free time. When I do get some free time, I like to spend it doing creative things with my family or doing some sports.

Why am I writing this post?

The other day, I got a call from a guy that wanted a website. This guy, was located 60km away from me. I told him about our starting prices (on the phone) I explained the technologies we used (on the phone) and asked him if, now that he knew this information, if he was still interested. He said “Yes! Please come to my Hotel so we can talk business!”.

So, I arranged a meeting that would take up at least half of my working day. I would need one hour to reach the place, I estimated I would be there for another hour or two and I would need one more hour to get back. Ok, no problem. Since the guy is so enthusiastically interested, why not!? Read More…

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