An iOS notifications concept that we wish was real by TNW

Of all the iOS notification concepts I’ve seen so far, Andreas‘ may be the best looking and most functional of them all. It takes on an interesting approach with a dedicated app that aggregates notifications, a revamped notification display, and a new and improved locked home screen.

Andreas makes it clear that this is merely his own concept, and not a leak from Apple, nor would it be developed for jailbroken devices. He certainly put much effort into it, posting an elaborate FAQ section on his blog. Read More…

Video Clip from the Flight of the Concords! Ha haha! “The Humans Are Dead”

“We used poisonous gases and poisoned their asses!”

Ha ha ha ha!!

This is from the “Flight of the Concords” TV Show which I just started watching and is very funny! It is about two looser singers/performers that have moved to the US trying to get a break. They have ONE fan! Ha ha ha a mental fan!

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do


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