Jumping from 128000 ft…

Today has been a historical day.

I witnessed a man jump from 128.000 ft. Myself and about other 8 million people! The feeling was unbelievable. FELIX BAUMGARTNER, the man that made the free-fall sky-jump today, saw the earth from above, like a god and fell to it, without any aircraft or protection, other than his pressure suite and his parachute. He broke 3 world records that I know of:

  1. Highest manned air ballon ever (or something like that)
  2. Highest free-fall sky-jump and
  3. Fastest free-fall sky-jump.

If you want to watch the jump, just search for “Redbull Stratos 2012″ on YouTube and you will probably get a ton of video results. Until then, take a look at the screenshots I took of the event. I am sure that you will find them awe inspiring. Read More…

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