I have a lot of mess to clean up

I just noticed (rather late I would say) that all the posts I had transferred over from posterous don’t have any images any more.
I thought that when I transferred my posts to WordPress, I also transferred the images, but it turns out that I was hugely mistaken, so now I have a bunch of posts that don’t have any photographs at all… This is terrible annoying. I will have to go through each and every one of my 637 posts to edit and delete… Boring!

Anyway, I just felt like sharing that with whoever reads this.


Flickr Releases Official IPhone Client – PC World

The iPhone has long been far and away the most popular camera phone on photo-sharing site Flickr–these days it’s very nearly the most popular camera, period. But while the Yahoo-owned service did offer a very slick iPhone-optimized Web interface for browsing photos, for many other features users had to turn to third-party applications like Connected Flow’s Darkslide.

On Saturday, Flickr jumped into the murky pools of the App Store with an official native client. The application’s certainly eye-catching: upon logging in, it’ll show you a slideshow of your contacts’ recent photos, zooming in-and-out in Ken Burns-style. You can search, browse (by sets or tags), view recent activity, and, of course, upload pictures snapped with your iPhone. Uploading lets you add tags (including browsing your existing collection of tags), description, and even your current location, drawn from the iPhone’s Core Location services.

The Flickr application is free and requires an iPhone or iPod touch running at least iPhone OS 3.0.




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