If you haven’t seen “Pirates of silicon valley” and you are in the information technology business, take some time and watch it!

I saw this great film yesterday and enjoyed it very – very much! It is all about how Apple (Steve Jobs) and Microsoft (Bill Gates) took off and became the giants of the Computing world.

Some parts of this Docudrama might be a bit off, I wouldn’t know, but I guess most of it is true and very, very interesting.

If you ask me, I think this film needs a sequel since many, many things have changed since 1999.

Anyway, if you visit you can view the entire film in parts for free.

Check it out!

P.S. Many thanks to  falexandrou for recommending this film to me! Cheers mate!

Greek Proofing tools for WORD 2008 for Mac

Dear Mac + Office 2008 fellow users,

I tried to find Greek proofing tools for the Mac 2008 version of office but unfortunately I couldn’t. I ended up visiting many sites and wasting my time with custom hacks and tricks that didn’t work for me. I find that the best alternative is still OpenOffice that supports Greek spelling just fine. There is one problem though, I like MS Office since it is clearly the best office software out there at the moment. I tried pages, even with the new Greek Support in Snow Leopard but that didn’t seem to work at all. I get spell checking in Mail and Textedit, which isn’t what I need.

So I visited and asked Microsoft if they could please add Greek in their Proofing tools for the Mac. I think that there are more of us Greeks out there that would appreciate this immensely. If you feel like you need this as much as I do, please go to that site, add copy the following text and click SUBMIT. Maybe this will make Microsoft consider our Language as one that is been used on the Mac. 

“Dear Sirs,

Since the market of the Mac is increasing in Greece, I would like to suggest adding Greek as a language to the Office 2008 for Mac proofing tools. I am sure that many, many fellow Greeks will appreciate this, because we are now forced to use the inferior OpenOffice to get our documents spell checked.

Thank you”


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