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Tonight is the night that Apple will unveil the next Operating System called OS X Lion! Well that is what we all think will happen and what we think it will be called. See the image above, well I think that says it all.

Also, this event will be focused on the Mac which is something that all us Mac fan boys and girls have been waiting for for so long. It seems as though it has been all about iOS, iPhone and iPad lately.

So hopefully we will be seeing a bunch of new line Macs, MacBooks and OS X! Hopefully they will be released very soon because as I mentioned in a previous post of mine on I need a NEW Mac and I need it to be FAST and BEAUTIFUL! Read More…

If you haven’t seen “Pirates of silicon valley” and you are in the information technology business, take some time and watch it!

I saw this great film yesterday and enjoyed it very – very much! It is all about how Apple (Steve Jobs) and Microsoft (Bill Gates) took off and became the giants of the Computing world.

Some parts of this Docudrama might be a bit off, I wouldn’t know, but I guess most of it is true and very, very interesting.

If you ask me, I think this film needs a sequel since many, many things have changed since 1999.

Anyway, if you visit you can view the entire film in parts for free.

Check it out!

P.S. Many thanks to  falexandrou for recommending this film to me! Cheers mate!

I am sick of the Rainbow icon on my MacBook

For the last week or so, my MacBook has been stalling on me all the time! I have tried unplugging all external drives, I have tried opening one program at a time but I still get that Rainbow twirly icon for long periods, some times as long as 15-20 minutes. They occur every day, at random moments and nothing works! When I say nothing I mean nothing! My system freezes, or goes so slow that it seems like frozen… Once the long wait is over, my MacBook works like a Spitfire again! Then, after maybe one hour, or 30 mins, or the next day, nobody knows, it will stall on me again!

I asked around at the office and one more guys has the same problem. We both don’t know what is going on!!!
Has this happened to you and if yes, have you found a way to fix it?

I run Snow Leopard and I am using the Aluminum MacBook with 4GB of RAM.



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