My Amazon Kindle screen is messed up

What a disappointment! I got back home after a day out and decided to have a nice read on my Amazon Kindle but when I switched it on I found that the screen was messed up.

I just don’t understand what could have caused this. I left it on my bed side table last night and picked it up again tonight to read and saw what you are all seeing in the photos.

Has this happened to anybody else? I have tried turning it completely off, I have hard booted it and still nothing. I love my Kindle and I am now so used to reading on it that I hate this situation.

I contacted Amazon Kindle support for help a few minutes ago. I hope they get back to me soon.

What a bummer!

Early Preview of Free Software Update for the latest Kindle

The Amazon Kindle 3rd Gen is getting a Software Update that will add new features to the cool e-reader. When the update is available the device will support:
  • Public Notes
  • Real Page Number (Great!!!)
  • Before You Go
  • New Newspaper and Magazine Layouts

and more.

The Software Update Preview is available for download now at… if you feel that you can’t wait. All Kindle owners will get this update delivered via WiFi when it is out of Preview phase and is officially released.

You can read more about this at….


Instapaper on the Amazon Kindle (3rd Generation)


I knew this could be done, but I just never found the time to actually do it. What am I talking about? Well I connected my account to my Kindle Device (3rd Gen) by following 3 simple steps I found on the Instapaper website. And guess what?

I can now read all my Instapaper saved posts, on my Kindle! That is soooo cool! I can read them on the perfect e-ink Amazon screen which is so much easier for the eyes and it is all delivered wirelessly to me automatically every day.

Make sure you choose the WiFi option instead of the 3G. You will have to pay Amazon for the 3G delivery, whereas the WiFi delivery is totally free!


Send to Kindle Pushes Web Articles from Chrome to Your Kindle


This is very, very cool! You can read the whole article at… but here is the part that will interest you:

Kindle users first need to enter their Kindle’s registered email into the extension, then add as an approved sender under Amazon’s Kindle management page and add your Kindle’s email address to the extension settings. Once you’re done, clicking the extension’s icon will give you a live preview of how the article will appear on your Kindle and provide you with a “Send” button that will send it to your Kindle. Just make sure Wi-Fi or your Whispernet connection is activated on your device so it has no trouble getting there.


A Guide to Free Kindle Books by Mashable

Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? Well, if you did, then you might be interested in getting some FREE books to read. Check this list below (which I copy/pasted from Mashable), for some great opportunities!

1. Project Gutenberg: 33,000 free e-books, including all of the classics, available in ePub, Kindle, HTML and simple text formats.
2. Google E-Bookstore: The free section is filled with thousands of free, scanned copies of books, available in ePub and PDF formats.
3. Internet Archive: Millions of primarily rare, out-of-print works in multiple languages and formats (including Kindle), especially useful for academic work.
4. Open Library: 20 million user-contributed items in multiple editions and formats (including Kindle).
5. Nearly 30,000 titles, many of which have been pulled from Project Gutenberg. Has a good collection of little-known Creative Commons works.
6. LibriVox: Thousands of free audiobooks.

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