Visit the new Alpha Marine mobile site by x2interactive

Alpha Marine is a returning customer. In 2010 we had designed a full flash website for them which you can view at www.alphamarine.gr. Since then many things have changed. Mobile devices are slowly becoming the browsing devices of preference. This means website owner with a full flash website would not be as accessible as needed on mobile devices. Following my company’s advice, the people at Alpha Marine decided that it was time to invest in a mobile solution. The mobile solution that we chose was Responsive which means that it can work on the Tablets and also on the iPhone and other mobile devices. Even though this is a website for mobile devices, the website’s content is 100% complete. This means that all the information that is available on the full flash Desktop website is also available on the mobile site. Read More…

New DROID X Ad Takes Another Shot at Apple iPhone


Looks like Apple is being hit by all mobile phone companies for releasing all those posts saying that all phones have the antenna issue. This time, Motorola is going to release a new ad in magazines going with the “NO JACKET REQUIRED” slogan.

Poor Apple… if only they had a better PR Team, this would have never happened. Then again, even bad publicity is publicity, so I guess they will be fine :)


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