An iOS notifications concept that we wish was real by TNW

Of all the iOS notification concepts I’ve seen so far, Andreas‘ may be the best looking and most functional of them all. It takes on an interesting approach with a dedicated app that aggregates notifications, a revamped notification display, and a new and improved locked home screen.

Andreas makes it clear that this is merely his own concept, and not a leak from Apple, nor would it be developed for jailbroken devices. He certainly put much effort into it, posting an elaborate FAQ section on his blog. Read More…

Momento iPhone app

If you like writing down your day’s passings, keeping a journal, and you own an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), then you should check out the Momento app.

Besides storing your journal you can also import your daily Social Media activity (things only you say) so that way you have some extra hints about what you did and said during a particular day. Not only that, it also stores all your Social streams for good! That is something very helpful, at least for me that is.


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