New website launched for the Luxury Villas “Ravdoucha Epavlis”

At x2interactive we released a new website last week for the Luxury Villas “Ravdoucha Epavlis”, which are located in Chania, Crete, Greece. You can take a look at the following screenshots, or read the case study x2interactive’s Ravdoucha Epavlis page, or visit the website it self at for an even better experience.

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Ideas4Greece – A Greek Reporter initiative to open up a global discussion

I know I already shared this page on Facebook and Retweeted it, so please FORGIVE me for repeating the process via the Automatic Share of Posterous, but I had to add this video to my blog for my 54 subscribers to see also.

Please be so kind to share this video, not my post, for everyone to see what choice must be made to save our beloved Greece from laziness and small mindedness. Read More…

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