Google Pimps Out Personal Profiles! That’s cool!


If you visit today, you will notice that Google has changed the Google Profiles pages! They have made a major change towards the best in my opinion.

What I miss is my SideWiki posts… I guess they are going to kill this feature? Unless there is a way to activate SideWiki again.

Here, you can check out my profile at

Official Google Blog: New Chrome extension: block sites from Google’s web search results


First blocked spam websites and content farms all together, now Google releases this Google Chrome extention which does the same thing but using another philosophy.

This extension gives Google Chrome users the power to block the websites they don’t want to see in the Google SEPRs, thus controlling what Google serves them. Read More…

When one translation just isn’t enough by the Google Translate Blog


Google released an improved version of Google Translate. How is it improved? Well it now offers multiple translations for your phrases! That way, Google Translate aims to achieve even better translations. According to the Google Translate Blog:

We’ve launched a new feature to provide you with alternate translations for each phrase in the translated text. Just click the translated phrase and you’ll see a pop-up menu of possible alternates for that phrase, as well as the original phrase highlighted in your original text. Not only can these alternative translations give you a better understanding of a confusing translation, but they also allow you to help Google choose the best alternative when we make a mistake.

Visit Google Translate here:


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