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Export your data from Google WAVE!

If you are among the few who GOT the Google Wave and harnessed its raw power to manage your projects and collaborate with co-workers from all over the world, then you must be pretty pissed that it is shutting down at the end of 2010.

I was going through my WAVES this morning and noticed that Google has added an EXPORT link to the top menu of each WAVE. So now we can all download our data for safe keeping or for adding it to another service, something like Google Docs for example. Just take a look at the screen shot and you will understand what you have to do.



Save Google Wave!

My mate on Twitter @bartzokas sent me the link to this site and I think that all of us that use Google Wave should participate and get the message through to Google that we don’t want it to die!

Also, I would like to send a message to all those out there that “can’t understand” it or think it is for “nuclear physicists” or whatever excuse they give for their LAZINESS:

Google Wave isn’t hard to learn, it isn’t complicated and by all means it is not for you to hook up with chicks and show off! Google Wave is THE project management tool! It is THE FUTURE! So get off your lazy asses and invest 10 minutes to learn what it is all about and stop crying “die, die”!


Visit and click on the Green THUMBS UP button.

Tweet using the #savegooglewave hash-tag and make Google hear your voice!


Is Google Wave going to be part of Google Apps?

I was going through the Google Apps pages and noticed that a NEW feature has been added. That is Google Wave. I don’t know when they added it exactly, but it seems funny to have it listed as a new feature to Google Apps when they have said that they are going to close it down. Are they going to close it down for the google account users then? Will it still be available to the Google Apps users as an intranet? Or have they just forgotten to mention to new possible Google App buyers that this feature will not be there after they BUY it?

Wave Goodbye To Google Wave… @Google are you CRAZY?! I mean seriously!!!


This announcement hit my like a BOMB! We have spent 1 year using this fantastic platform internally and it has practically SAVED us many, many times from making a mess of things. This announcement by GOOGLE is very, very bad!

One year of collaborative data, an extensive Methodology and many, many other things we have done and learned while “Waving” are going to be taken away from us just like that?!?!


My Waves are back!

My Google Waves are back! Wow, that felt sooo weird, not being in touch with my notes and files. I wonder if something is updated or added. Anyway, everything is back to normal now, so I can continue Waving to my x2interactive colleagues.


Where did my Waves go?!?!

Google Wave just vanished! Ok, I know Google has warned us that it is still unstable but where are all my Waves??!?! I have used it for complex project management and I need it to read some notes, but this is not possible at the moment! Is this happening to you too?

I suddenly feel very dependant on Google and the Wave… I wonder how good this is for me and all Googlers in general?
Anyway, let’s hope this is resolved soon!


I am on the Wave (Google)

I got my Google Wave invitation and I am thrilled! Unfortunately I do not have any invitation rights, so I can’t invite anybody yet! Since Google Wave is mainly a collaboration tool, I think that it would be good if I got some invitation rights in the future, because I would like to test it as a Project Management tool. Anyway, if something new occurs and I suddenly get that magic Google Wave with the invites, I will post it on here and will give away as many as possible. If there are any of us left of the Wave by then that is :)


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