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We all have FaceBook accounts! Well if not all, at least 500.000.000 of us do, so I guess this is kind of important.

Have you all checked your privacy settings? Have you checked them since the latest privacy setting update facebook published? Well if you haven’t, then go to your page profile and check now. If you don’t know how to do that then you need to login to FaceBook and in the top right corner click on the ACCOUNT link and then on the PRIVACY SETTINGS link.

Why am I asking you to do this? Well, have you heard of YourOpenBook.org? It is a little cool search engine designed by Will Moffat that can index all unprotected status messages? Do you really know that what you are sharing with your friends is only shared with them and not the rest of the world too?

Check it out at http://youropenbook.org/

Have fun!

The worst video uploader ever! Facebook video uploader

Since yesterday I have tried to upload a video to my OpenBeer Event Fan page on facebook 5 times! Each time I try to upload the same video, the uploader stops working about half way through. I have tried this with FireFox on the Mac and with Safari and the same thing happens over and over again… I uploaded my video to Youtube in one go without any troubles and I am just about ready to stop trying on facebook…

If it wasn’t for my organizational mania that is urging me to add this video in the VIDEOS section of my Fan page, I would settle with a simple link to my Youtube version… but I can’t stop! I will switch browsers and try uploading it this time from Chrome on my Mac. If this doesn’t work, I will try using IE8 on a windows machine and if that doesn’t work I will use FireFox on a Linux Mint installation I have. 

If all the above fail, then the facebook video uploaded must really suck big time!
Oh, by the way the video I am trying to upload is here

and the frozen screen I keep on getting from facebook is this one
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