Website launched for the 3 Star Hotel “Oscar Suites & Village”

I must admit that I haven’t had enough time to post about new successfully completed projects on my personal blog lately. I was going through our client list at x2interactive and noticed that I have not listed some of them in posts here. So, even though a long time after the website’s release (nearly 6 months), I give you the new website for the Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Chania Crete.

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New website launched for the Luxury Villas “Ravdoucha Epavlis”

At x2interactive we released a new website last week for the Luxury Villas “Ravdoucha Epavlis”, which are located in Chania, Crete, Greece. You can take a look at the following screenshots, or read the case study x2interactive’s Ravdoucha Epavlis page, or visit the website it self at for an even better experience.

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