Escobar meets King Robert!

Tonight was a great night! I met my mate Manolis who works for and we went to Escobar. Escobar is in Rethymno.

We met around 21:45 and managed to drink about 6 pints of beer each. We enjoyed a platter of sausages with that too! Yum… Unfortunately the service at Escobar was crap, the delays were huge and the prices didn’t reflect Rethymno’s standards. I mean wow they didn’t reflect Kolonaki (Athens) standards if you ask me! €8.50 for a pint of stout in a can is outrageous! I don’t recommend it! If you are looking for beer and something to eat, try Beeraria instead. Much, much better plus it is closer to the sea! Also, the waiters there know about beer, which in my opinion is important for a Beer House.

Anyway, I think it was 23:00 when King Robert appeared!!! A Magician! He was performing at a nearby table and because I am a sucker for magic I called him over. Robert was great!!! He had some very cool tricks to show us. I was especially impressed with the one that he did which turned a normal sized coin into a huge one right in my face! How did he do it?!?!

For his excellent performance which lasted well over 30 minutes, King Robert got some sausages, a pint of stout and a €10 from us! Well done Rob!

Anyway, I had a great time and now it is time for sleep. Good night to you all!

Spyros Papaspyropoulos
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My FIFA 2010 Wallpaper is available for download

I love the World Cup! It is one of the few times I really enjoy quality football! So this year in order to get into the football (to all US readers, that is what you call the sport, not soccer) feeling I decided to make my self a nice little wallpaper with the game schedules. In addition to the calendar I have added the 2 basic things needed for a good World Cup tournament. The Ball and Beer!

The calendar is designed by FIFA, it is not my work, I just added it to the composition, added the rounded corners and the transparent black outline.

If you like it, download it and share it.

Cheers & Beers!


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