“Portrait Figure Drawing Classes” of the Crete International School of Art

Last night my family and I visited the House of Culture in Rethymo to check out an exhibition of drawings. The drawings in the photos, are of the “Portrait Figure Drawing Classes” of the Crete International School of Art. Tim Saville and Janice Hunter, teachers and founders of the Crete School of Art are the people behind this cool attraction in the heart of the centre of Rethymno town. The model for all the drawings is Rosina Bonsu.

I asked the guys to send me a little note so I could publish it here, so here it is:

Art seems inexhaustible.
It demands and repays more and more attention.
It deepens at every contact.
It glows at a different angle according to when and where it is experienced.
And you look at the world differently afterwards.

                                                                               David Hare

 The Crete International School of Art, situated in the prefecture of Rethymnon is being developed as an independent Art School founded to provide a focus for intercultural dialogue through the Visual Arts.  Historically the island of Crete was a hub in the eastern Mediterranean where east and west were plaited together. CISA draws on the geographical and historical diversity of this magnificent island; shares and develops its cultural identity in the 21st century for the benefit of its residents and visitors.

Our courses are designed to offer a structured learning environment for those at the beginning their artistic journey, those seeking further enrichment  through the Visual Arts ; for international students of Art wishing to develop their portfolio and for teachers of the Visual Arts looking for further creative stimulus.

Principal tutors:
Janice Hunter  BAFA MAD  Glasgow, UK.

Tim Saville       BA   London , UK.
Contact : 0030 2831041403, 6945846800, 6946293733

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