If you haven’t subscribed to, then you should consider doing so. lets you listen and watch your favorite music, while reading the lyrics to your favorite songs at the same time! Create your own playlists and learn everything about your favorite artists.

I highly recommend it if you like music

My Waves are back!

My Google Waves are back! Wow, that felt sooo weird, not being in touch with my notes and files. I wonder if something is updated or added. Anyway, everything is back to normal now, so I can continue Waving to my x2interactive colleagues.


Where did my Waves go?!?!

Google Wave just vanished! Ok, I know Google has warned us that it is still unstable but where are all my Waves??!?! I have used it for complex project management and I need it to read some notes, but this is not possible at the moment! Is this happening to you too?

I suddenly feel very dependant on Google and the Wave… I wonder how good this is for me and all Googlers in general?
Anyway, let’s hope this is resolved soon!


Snow Leopard Black Screen not showing up any more

Since I upgraded to the latest Snow Leopard update, I seem to have been liberated from that black screen that showed up at least once a day on my MacBook OSX. It seems that the new update solved many issues and my MacBook is running smooth!
So if you haven’t updated, I highly recommend that you do. It is a MUST DO update unless you are running a Hackintosh and in that case you should know that if you update you will not be able to run OSX any more on your Intel Atom computer.



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