Back to the land of the crazy!

Let me start from … Sea! I was arriving from Crete today on urgent business and decided to take the ship for a change. I paid for that desicion with waiting for 3,5 hours to enter the Piraeus port.

Imagine a scene where a bunch of ships are standing outside of port, waiting to lay seige with canons! Crazy scene. Unfortunatelly I was in a bad position for a photo and to be frank I was to pissed for snapping shots!

I got off the ship and on the port bus, heading straight to the train station. I got an idea how Sardeens in a can feel! A woman pushed me on my way on to the bus to get through before me, she was big. I let her through I really didn’t feel like getting into a conflict. But that wasn’t it! She stopped once on the bus and turned and yelled something to another lady behind me. Suddenly I saw a handle of a suitecase squizzing pass next to me and the 1st lady grabbed it and pulled hard! The rest of the suitcase was been forcefully pulled between me and some other passengers! I lost my cool and yelled at her. She just looked at me and froze! She moved again when the bus stopped! I don’t care if people think I am mean, I only want people to think before they act. She could have held her suitcase while getting on the bus like the rest of us, or she could have got on last.

So, off to the train station… I get to the ticket box and there I see a piece of junk paper with handwriting on that says the train goes up to a point, then we all have to take a bus and then again a train. The reason for this are railworks. Railworks!!! It has been ONE year they have been doing railworks. What have they been doing all this time? I turned arround, walked out of the train station and jumped into a Taxi. I am in the Taxi now writing this on my iPhone.

I am heading home to hit the shower, change and leave.
Let’s hope I will make my 12:00 Meeting.

Good morning!

Spyros Papaspyropoulos
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AEGEAN airlines suck!

I fly Aegean regularly and this time I booked my ticket but found that it was more expensive that what I am used too. If my memory serves me right, I never paid double the price of the ticket in taxes and booking fees. So, all I want to say is this:

AEGEAN you suck big time! Since you changed your booking system and announced the merger with Olympic, a domestic two way flight ticket with total cost of €53 plus taxes COSTS €109!!! Who do you think you are?

In the photos you can see there ad and the price I paid!
Has anybody else noticed a raise in prices?

I hate waiting for my luggage

I am at the baggage claim area in The Athens airport, waiting for my sack and I am bored to death! I thought a short post to Posterous would be a nice time killer. Good morning to you all!


Spyros Papaspyropoulos
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