My FIFA 2010 Wallpaper is available for download

I love the World Cup! It is one of the few times I really enjoy quality football! So this year in order to get into the football (to all US readers, that is what you call the sport, not soccer) feeling I decided to make my self a nice little wallpaper with the game schedules. In addition to the calendar I have added the 2 basic things needed for a good World Cup tournament. The Ball and Beer!

The calendar is designed by FIFA, it is not my work, I just added it to the composition, added the rounded corners and the transparent black outline.

If you like it, download it and share it.

Cheers & Beers!


OpenBook – Connect and share whether you want it or not!


We all have FaceBook accounts! Well if not all, at least 500.000.000 of us do, so I guess this is kind of important.

Have you all checked your privacy settings? Have you checked them since the latest privacy setting update facebook published? Well if you haven’t, then go to your page profile and check now. If you don’t know how to do that then you need to login to FaceBook and in the top right corner click on the ACCOUNT link and then on the PRIVACY SETTINGS link.

Why am I asking you to do this? Well, have you heard of It is a little cool search engine designed by Will Moffat that can index all unprotected status messages? Do you really know that what you are sharing with your friends is only shared with them and not the rest of the world too?

Check it out at

Have fun!

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