Is Google Wave going to be part of Google Apps?

I was going through the Google Apps pages and noticed that a NEW feature has been added. That is Google Wave. I don’t know when they added it exactly, but it seems funny to have it listed as a new feature to Google Apps when they have said that they are going to close it down. Are they going to close it down for the google account users then? Will it still be available to the Google Apps users as an intranet? Or have they just forgotten to mention to new possible Google App buyers that this feature will not be there after they BUY it?

I am hugely impressed by the ease of use of the latest Jailbrake! It was so easy in fact that it can be done on the move using the iPhone’s native Safari browser!

Just go to and use the slider to start! It will take you about 5-10′ on a 3G connection and all this without rebooting!

I have themed my iPhone! Check it out! I will go play some more with Cydia now :)

Spyros Papaspyropoulos
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Wave Goodbye To Google Wave… @Google are you CRAZY?! I mean seriously!!!


This announcement hit my like a BOMB! We have spent 1 year using this fantastic platform internally and it has practically SAVED us many, many times from making a mess of things. This announcement by GOOGLE is very, very bad!

One year of collaborative data, an extensive Methodology and many, many other things we have done and learned while “Waving” are going to be taken away from us just like that?!?!


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