Does the Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display work on the MacPro under bootcamp?

Hello friends,

I have a question I need someone to answer me before I make my next Mac purchase. Currently I have the MacBook Pro 13.3″ which is a great little monster connected to an Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display, but I find my self in need of more power lately. I also use bootcamp for website debugging in Internet Explorer and because my e-Banking system needs Microsoft’s OS to work 100%. 

Since I own the 24″ ACD I have been leaning towards the MacPro Quad Core which is a fantastic machine. The thing though is that I have some fears that I will not be able to get windows to work under bootcamp  on the 24″ ACD. The reason is because it will not work now on my MacBook Pro 13″ either. This hasn’t been a major issue because I could just use Windows from my MacBook’s screen. But if this is an issue with the MacPro (which doesn’t have an attached screen) then I will have issues to face.

Has anyone ever faced this before? Is it something I shouldn’t be worrying about?

Any help is very appreciated!


Killing off some feeds

I have said this 1000 times in the past and this time I will live up to my word. I am killing off RSS feeds, not so much because I don’t have the time to read them, but because I get my news from other places faster.

For example TwitterFacebook and my CNN iPhone app provide me with so much news that by the time I read my RSS feeds I keep on stumbling upon things I have already read about. 
So I will be killing off some feeds and keeping the utmost special ones. 

Here goes…
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