OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion is officially released

With great pleasure I would like to share with you all that the new version of Mac OSX has been released today! Just visit the official OSX page on the apple website and read more about this from the guys at apple. If you don’t need to read more and just want to download the OS, fire up the Mac AppStore on your Mac, choose (pay) and download! The price is great at €15.99. Read More…

Google+ Events introduced!

This is a feature that has been lacking in Google+ since the launch of the service. I am so glad they finally added it. No Social Network feels complete without giving the ability to its users to create events about things. After checking it out, I must say that I like the way it works and the fact that there are so many sharing capabilities. Now, all we need are more Google+ users and we are ready to create events!!!

If you are on Google+ and feel like you want to connect, add me in your Circles. Visit the Spyros Papaspyropoulos Google+ Profile for more.


BAZINGA! My new MacStickrs just got here!

This morning I received my super cool MacStickrs! No, I haven’t misspelled that. It is MacStickrs without the e.

What are MacStickrs?

They are very discreet MacBook decals. They are so discreet that they are perfect even for Mac Purists (crazy people that can’t have a single defect such as a scratch, or spec of dirt on their Mac) like my self. Being a Mac Purist, I don’t like sticking things on my MacBook Pro. Large Mac decals interfere with my piece of mind and affect my Mac Zen, but the MacStickrs are just perfect!

So, this morning they arrived from Latvia. They arrived FAST! I requested them 3 working days ago and bam they got here. Everything from the envelope to the packaging to the actual product is such a joy to look at! Just look at the pictures I shot of the two stickers I chose, and you will understand my point. Read More…

Back stride on inline Metro FSK skates

This afternoon, I went inline skating again. I go every weekend and enjoy it hugely. This weekend I managed to pull off the Back stride and the front to back and back to front flip and I am very happy and excited. I never thought that FSK (Free Style Skating) would be such a full-filling experience. I just love it! Check out my back stride and tell me what you think.


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