Google Pimps Out Personal Profiles! That’s cool!


If you visit today, you will notice that Google has changed the Google Profiles pages! They have made a major change towards the best in my opinion.

What I miss is my SideWiki posts… I guess they are going to kill this feature? Unless there is a way to activate SideWiki again.

Here, you can check out my profile at

Moso is a FREE Mac app for adding animations to a video file

This is a cool FREE Mac app that gives users the power to overlay 2 dimensional effects over a video file and create funny visual effects that remind me of the days of the WHAM BANGS of the classic Batman series!

You can read more about this app on this TNW post.

Also, you can export your videos to your favourite social networks, which is a cool bonus.


Momento iPhone app

If you like writing down your day’s passings, keeping a journal, and you own an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), then you should check out the Momento app.

Besides storing your journal you can also import your daily Social Media activity (things only you say) so that way you have some extra hints about what you did and said during a particular day. Not only that, it also stores all your Social streams for good! That is something very helpful, at least for me that is.


My Amazon Kindle screen is messed up

What a disappointment! I got back home after a day out and decided to have a nice read on my Amazon Kindle but when I switched it on I found that the screen was messed up.

I just don’t understand what could have caused this. I left it on my bed side table last night and picked it up again tonight to read and saw what you are all seeing in the photos.

Has this happened to anybody else? I have tried turning it completely off, I have hard booted it and still nothing. I love my Kindle and I am now so used to reading on it that I hate this situation.

I contacted Amazon Kindle support for help a few minutes ago. I hope they get back to me soon.

What a bummer!

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