MobileMe eMail trouble on the iPhone Mail app

Since yesterday, my iPhone Mail app has been crashing 3-5 secs after open it, returning me to the iPhone home page. I can’t seem to read my mail and this issue has rendered my Mail app useless. Not even restarting fixed this. 

I have 2 accounts on my iPhone. One Gmail account and my MobileMe account. I started deactivating and activating accounts and found that my MobileMe account caused the problem. As soon as I deactivated it, the Mail app worked great! I deactivated Gmail and activated MobileMe and the problem came back… So I figured there must be something wrong with my MobileMe account settings. These are the steps I followed while trying to fix the problem but to no avail:

  1. I deleted my MobileMe account from my iPhone
  2. I then re-made it again but nothing… the same issue
  3. I then restored my iPhone… nothing
  4. I upgraded to 3.01 OS… nothing
  5. I searched the web and Apple support… nothing

I would like to ask all iPhone users out there, if they have had the same experience with their MobileMe eMail account on the iPhone Mail app and if yes, what have they done to fix it? 



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5 Responses to MobileMe eMail trouble on the iPhone Mail app
  1. Anne Gaardsoe Reply

    Sorry for entering your blog. I just have a question – would you know where to get an iPhone screen fixed in Rethymnon? We are on holiday and I just droppes my phone and smashed the screen.

    • spyros Reply

      Hello Anne,

      Don’t worry about posting on my blog! I like comments :)
      No, as far as your broken iPhone screen goes, I know a guy who knows a guy! I will email you the iPhone tech person’s details now.


  2. Volker van Beek Reply

    Hi Spyros,
    I have the same problem as Anne. The back cover of my iPhone 4, black, is completely damaged and I would like to have it fixed asap. I’m located in Georgioupoli, so I could go to Chania or Rethymno to have it fixed. Do you have a recommendation where to go?
    Thank you in advance for your advice, Cheers Volker

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