In fear of the SEO Gods

Fellow Web Professionals,

Sometimes I wonder why we focus so much on White Hat SEO when I see that my competition uses Black Hat tactics and is not penalised by Google or Bing.

Does an algorithm that is so awesome and complicated but at the same time is fair and just, really even exist or is it all about marketing?!?! Is it all about “the fear” of the algorithm, just as once people lived in fear of the wrath of the gods? Have the SEO Gods managed to make as believe that we will be penalised if we don’t behave when in truth we will not? How can this be real when I see with my own eyes others that get great results by defying them?! 

How can my competition with 300+ words in Meta Titles and 500+ words in Meta Descriptions rank better? How can the same competition that stuffs keywords everywhere rank better than pure White Hat strategies? Why do directories and how-to websites dominate the results again?

If this is the way Google and Bing do their search then maybe SEO is still as it was 10 years ago.

Maybe nothing has changed! I remember those days! Things were easy. You stuffed your web META and Content with keywords and you ruled the SEO Universe!

Have you had similar experiences or am I just having a bad couple of months here? It is easy to turn to the dark side, but I can’t take chances with my clients. Can you?

I would love to read your comments.


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