Do you like my Posterous Theme? Here have it for FREE!


I never thought of sharing my Posterous theme but Viggo Andersen gave me the idea and so here it is. To be precise this is not MY theme, but a modified version of Cory Watilo’s Purple Theme which you can find in the Posterous Themes list.

I don’t have the time to upload an instructions manual for how to install it, so I guess some technical knowledge of HTML is needed in order for the theme to work properly. What I can say to make things easier is this:

  1. Download and Unarchive the ZIP file.
  2. The theme has 3 image files which have to be uploaded somewhere (anywhere).
  3. You must change the existing images location in the HTML code to the location of your images (mentioned in step 2).
  4. Open the HTML file in a TEXT editor and Copy all.
  5. Open the Posterous SETTINGS page and click on the EDIT THEME button.
  6. Once it has loaded, scroll down to find the PURPLE theme by Cory Watilo and choose it.
  7. Once it has been chosen, click on the ADVANCED menu item on the left and give a name to your theme.
  8. A text box with code will appear. Select all and delete. Then Paste the code you copied from my HTML file.
  9. Press Preview, then SAVE I’M DONE and you are done!

Hope you like it!

P.S. If you use it and feel like mentioning my post, that’s cool. If not, no prob. Cheers!
Download this file
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2 Responses to Do you like my Posterous Theme? Here have it for FREE!
  1. Cory Watilo Reply

    You spelled my name wrong. Twice. =]

  2. Spyros Papaspyropoulos Reply

    Oh LOL! Sorry about that mate! I corrected it (twice) :)Great work with the Theme by the way. Keep them coming :)

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