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The project was an interesting challenge. It was something completely new for our company (x2interactive) and for that reason only we had to pay special attention to every detail, not to mention the fact that the website itself was quite large and demanding.

To reach the final outcome we followed all the creative/development processes by the book. When I mean by the book, I mean by our book!

It all started with an analysis of the idea. Every functionality, every user interface idea, was written down on paper. Well, on a document file to be precise. On a Google Doc file to be exact. Using the collaborative powers of Google Docs we got the idea to the point where we could move on the the next step, the Wireframing.

Wireframing was very interesting. The process was smooth with small changes along the way. Everything fell into place easily and both we and the client enjoyed the process a lot. By the end of the Wireframing, we all had an idea of how the website would work and we were all on the same page. After the Wireframes we moved on to the Screen Designs.

The Screen Designs were based on the Wireframes. The functionality was already decided upon and so was the general layout, so things were quite easy. After only 2 skin selections, our client chose the one they liked and all screens were designed based on that. Images, buttons, menus, banners etc, every thing was designed and agreed upon instantly. Our collaboration with the client was great! Once the screens were finished and approved, we proceeded to author them.

Casial Home Page

Casial Online Casinos Page

Casial Spin Palace Casino page

Casial Jackpots page

Casial Poker page

Casial Slots page

The HTML / CSS Authoring was one of the most challenging of the project, because we had to make sure that cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility was established. Due to the size of the project and the complexity of it, this was a tricky part. But the most challenging and hard part of all was the Web Development process.

The Web Development process, started right after the HTML / CSS files were completed. The development team had to turn the HTML files into a working and installable custom Joomla Theme and then that Theme had to be modified and customised in order to meet the client’s needs. This was very hard indeed and time consuming, but thanks to the collaboration tools we used and the fantastic help and support we had from our clients, we managed to overcome every single issue and to deliver a completed, new

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