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My name is Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I am a Web/SEO Professional and Awarded Web Designer. Co-founder of & I love Web Design, Technology, Social Media, Dilbert, Comics and taking pictures. I live in Rethymno, Crete, Greece. I travel to Athens twice a month for business and feel lucky to experience both cities. This blog is something I like having just for fun. Anything I find interesting or funny, I just post it here for anybody to see. Hope you like it. Cheers!

I have a lot of mess to clean up

I just noticed (rather late I would say) that all the posts I had transferred over from posterous don’t have any images any more.
I thought that when I transferred my posts to WordPress, I also transferred the images, but it turns out that I was hugely mistaken, so now I have a bunch of posts that don’t have any photographs at all… This is terrible annoying. I will have to go through each and every one of my 637 posts to edit and delete… Boring!

Anyway, I just felt like sharing that with whoever reads this.


La Genzianella website is now on air!

My company, x2interactive Hotel Web Agency, was commissioned by the Hotel La Genzianella in Bormio, Italy to design for them a cutting edge, fresh, responsive website that would work flawlessly on any device and at the same time it would look good! The previous “La Genzianella” website was really old fashion, old tech and didn’t do justice to the amazing hotel that the La Genzianella is. A wonderful, welcoming place in the midst of the mountains. You can enjoy amazing views, fantastic activities and have an awesome vacation there. All those things were not something the user could feel previously. Our job was to help users understand what the “La Genzianella” is all about and to do so using an intuitive and easy to use layout. Read More…

Visit the new Villa Sophia Mykonos website by x2interactive

During the summer, the Luxury villa “Villa Sophia Mykonos” asked of my company, x2interactive – Hotel Web Agency to design and develop for them a web presence that would help them make a difference and attract new enquiries. So, we proceeded and designed a full screen layout with unique aesthetic elements in order to achieve that goal.

Thank you

Read More…

Inforgraphic: IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth

This is a cool infographic that I found on and I thought that you would like to see it. It would have been more interesting (for me) if they added Greece to this, since it is going through such hard economic times, but even so, it is very interesting to see how much money people get in some parts of the world and how much money people get in other parts of the world for the exact same job.  Read More…

The New Hotel San Marco website is live

San Marco Hotel in Mykonos commissioned my company, x2interactive – Hotel Web Agency, to design and develop for them a new website that would have a fresh look & feel, download fast, be Search Engine Optimised and work across all devices. These types of projects are the ones we love working on, so we got to work and delivered the project to a happy and satisfied client. You can take a look at some of the website screens below, or visit the San Marco Mykonos Hotel website.

Thank you

Read More…

Website launched for the 3 Star Hotel “Oscar Suites & Village”

I must admit that I haven’t had enough time to post about new successfully completed projects on my personal blog lately. I was going through our client list at x2interactive and noticed that I have not listed some of them in posts here. So, even though a long time after the website’s release (nearly 6 months), I give you the new website for the Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Chania Crete.

Thank you
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What a waste of valuable time!

As you most probably know, I partially own x2interactive – Web Agency. So naturally ownership comes with strings attached, e.g. doing lots of things that aren’t what I wanted to do in my life, such as managing staff, looking into finances, selling, supporting, and more. While doing all those things on a daily basis, I remind my self that I love to design websites, so I do that too, as much as possible!

By reading the above, you can understand that I am a person with a limited amount of free time. When I do get some free time, I like to spend it doing creative things with my family or doing some sports.

Why am I writing this post?

The other day, I got a call from a guy that wanted a website. This guy, was located 60km away from me. I told him about our starting prices (on the phone) I explained the technologies we used (on the phone) and asked him if, now that he knew this information, if he was still interested. He said “Yes! Please come to my Hotel so we can talk business!”.

So, I arranged a meeting that would take up at least half of my working day. I would need one hour to reach the place, I estimated I would be there for another hour or two and I would need one more hour to get back. Ok, no problem. Since the guy is so enthusiastically interested, why not!? Read More…

In fear of the SEO Gods

Fellow Web Professionals,

Sometimes I wonder why we focus so much on White Hat SEO when I see that my competition uses Black Hat tactics and is not penalised by Google or Bing.

Does an algorithm that is so awesome and complicated but at the same time is fair and just, really even exist or is it all about marketing?!?! Is it all about “the fear” of the algorithm, just as once people lived in fear of the wrath of the gods? Have the SEO Gods managed to make as believe that we will be penalised if we don’t behave when in truth we will not? How can this be real when I see with my own eyes others that get great results by defying them?!  Read More…

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear friends and fellow Web Professionals,

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have fun and enjoy your selves. Relax with your loved ones, share with them these beautiful days and make a wish, you never know it might come true.

And to all of you out there that are not having a Happy Christmas, I hope next year will be better for you. I have had a couple of black Christmases my self and I understand how contradicting things might feel inside of you. Just keep going and take care.

I wish health, love and happiness to everyone.


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